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Top Pick Athletics offers many different tools to enhance Player Development: HitTrax, Blast Motion Sensors, Rapsodo Pitching, Rapsodo Hitting, Driveline, and ArmCare. More details will be posted soon. 

Top Pick Power is a comprehensive strength training program designed specifically for youth athletes aged 14 and up. It focuses on developing the physical qualities necessary to enhance performance on the field, including power, strength, agility, and endurance. This program is the top pick for players who aim to maximize their strength and overall athletic ability. Top Pick Power is coached by Director of Player Development Kelly Weese.


– Increased Hitting Power

– Enhanced Strength and Muscle Development

– Injury Prevention

– Improved Speed and Agility

Driveline’s throwing program revolutionizes baseball player development with evidence-based principles. Innovative training methods like weighted ball throwing and long toss, and data-driven insights to enhance throwing velocity, arm strength, and performance. Its scientifically backed approach has proven highly effective, leading to improved mechanics, increased velocity, and reduced injury risks.


– Increased Throwing Velocity

– Injury Prevention

– Pitch Development

– Improved Command

Top Pick Recovery is a comprehensive baseball training program tailored to help young athletes navigate the challenges of in-season competition by prioritizing recovery and peak performance. Top Pick Recovery is designed to give players the knowledge and skills necessary to excel on the field. Training will promote flexibility, arm care, and injury prevention. Don’t let the grind of the baseball season wear you down. Join us for Top Pick Recovery and gain the competitive edge needed to excel on the field while staying healthy and at the top of your game.


– Arm Care

– Flexibility

– Injury Prevention

Join Top Pick Athletics for an intensive Speed and Agility Camp designed specifically to enhance the performance of all athletes. Our experienced coaching staff will guide participants through a comprehensive curriculum focused on improving speed, agility, and overall athleticism.


– Speed Development

– Agility Training

– Explosive Plyometrics

– Baseball Specific Conditioning

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