About Us


Top Pick Athletics offers one of the best pure training environments in Chicagoland and a development-first competitive Travel Teams Program for baseball and softball. We take great pride in offering our travel players a comprehensive Player Development Academy in which to grow and achieve their goals. When a player comes to Top Pick, they receive an all-in-one home to develop and perform. We offer the highest level of instruction through our private lessons, group training programs, camps, clinics, and Top Pick Player Development Academy.

We are dedicated to maintaining an elite facility with the most up-to-date technology and training equipment. We offer a bright, meticulously maintained, and comprehensive training advantage to our players. Our instructors and coaches come with many years of training and playing experience at the collegiate and professional levels.

Top Pick features 15,000 sq. ft. of training space with 30’ high ceilings and does not have columns in the way to impede training. Top Pick boasts four (4) 50’ hitting tunnels, a 70’ live pitching/hitting tunnel, two (2) full-length pitching lanes with large mounds, a large multi-use turf space, weight room, arm care center, pro shop, lobby with workstations, and plenty of ATEC equipment to assist training in every way. Our technology is cutting edge including Virtual Combine, Hit Trax cage, Rapsodo tunnel, Win VR, Blast Motion, Diamond Kinetics, Plyo-Walls, Crossover Symmetry, and much more! Top Pick is open to the public and we partner with many nearby baseball and softball programs for their off-season and in-season training needs.